Our consistent quality is why you can trust HPS for your ingredient sourcing.

Quality drives every action. Quality ingredients make quality foods, and we strive each and every day to deliver ingredients with a highest level of food safety. For HPS, we view quality from four fundamental pillars.

  • Post Harvest Management

  • Food Safety

  • Comprehensive Final Food Product Analysis

  • Supply Chain Integrity

Value Proposition

It starts with our growers and a sustainable crop rotation. We offer:

  • Direct sourcing

  • Knowledgeable and experienced growers

  • Agronomy Support


Implementing these principles in every step of the value chain relies upon having an established customer expectation and then striving everyday to meet and exceed that expectation. Each of our team leaders first priority is to put in place systems and protocols to promote that vision. The below are just a few of the critical control steps that HPS take to ensure product is of the highest quality./p>