HPS Food & Ingredients is on a mission to provide the highest quality ingredients that are produced using sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices

About Us

HPS Food & Ingredient is a food manufacturer that offers a variety of alternative plant-based powders, pulses, grains and oils in bulk quantities. The company works closely with our partner farmers from seeding to harvest ensuring that the quality starts at the farm level. Our farmers use top quality pedigreed seed sourced from our sister company Hemp Genetics International. Our processing facilities adhere to strict food quality and safety standards. Over this past year we joined forces with our partners to create a uniquely vertically integrated bulk food processing facility. Our unique ingredient portfolio is traceable back to the farm.

Our Mission

To conduct all business with honesty, integrity, transparency and fairness. With a strong focus on sustainable agricultural practices while producing food ingredients to the highest quality standard.

Invest in long-term relationships

Our partnerships are rooted in long-term commitments so that we can both invest in the change necessary to deliver better nutrition and a more sustainable food system.

Empower and Educate

Crop rotations are critical to improving overall soil health and reducing plant diseases. Our long term approach gives growers the confidence to plan rotations for the future.

Cutting Edge Planting Seed

Quality ingredients come from quality crops. We support growers in growing a quality crop by providing access to top seed genetics, as well as developing and sharing the latest agronomy and production advice.

State-of-the-Art processing facilities

Our state of the art processing facilities turn quality crops into quality ingredients. We continuously invest is unique technologies that improve our ingredient quality and processing yields along with new innovation.

From Our Fields to Your Brands